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Overseas Trusts and Foundations for Wealth Preservation

At IRIS GROUP, we understand the significance of trusts and foundations in safeguarding wealth, especially when you have assets located outside the UAE. These structures offer an effective means of preserving and protecting your wealth while ensuring its seamless transfer to future generations. Whether you require estate management, succession planning, or asset protection, trusts and foundations in tax-neutral jurisdictions can play a vital role in securing your assets.


Preserving and Protecting Wealth:

Trusts and foundations provide a solid framework for preserving and protecting your wealth. By placing your assets within these structures, you can ensure their confidentiality, enhance their security, and strategically plan for the future. Trusts and foundations act as shields against potential risks, allowing you to maintain control over your assets while minimizing tax implications.


Understanding the Difference:

While trusts and foundations share a common objective of protecting clients’ interests, they differ in their structures and legal characteristics. The choice between the two largely depends on the specific needs of the client and the jurisdiction where the structure will be established.



  • Not required to be registered
  • Trust deed remains confidential
  • Division between legal ownership and equitable ownership
  • Assets are placed within the trust structure
  • Trust is not a separate legal entity; rights are vested in the trustees


  • Requires registration to exist
  • Foundation itself owns the assets
  • No requirement to place assets within the foundation
  • Foundation can sue and be sued in its name
  • Foundation charter is publicly accessible

Why Choose IRIS GROUP:

At IRIS GROUP, we have a team of experienced trust professionals dedicated to assisting you in effectively establishing trusts or foundations. With our expertise, we guide you through the intricacies of these structures, helping you select the most suitable option based on your unique requirements.


Our Services:

Trust Establishment: We provide comprehensive support in setting up trusts tailored to your specific needs. Our team ensures the proper structuring of the trust, drafting of trust deeds, and selection of trustees to safeguard your assets and preserve your wealth.


Foundation Formation: If a foundation is the ideal solution for your wealth preservation objectives, we offer expert guidance in establishing foundations. Our professionals assist you in registering the foundation, creating the foundation charter, and implementing robust governance structures.


Estate Planning and Succession: We understand the importance of effective estate planning and smooth succession. Our advisors work closely with you to develop tailored strategies, ensuring a seamless transfer of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries and securing the continuity of your legacy.


Asset Protection: Protecting your assets from potential risks is crucial. We provide personalized asset protection solutions within trusts and foundations, minimizing exposure to legal disputes, creditors, and other threats.


Jurisdiction Selection: Choosing the right jurisdiction for your trust or foundation is essential. Our team helps you navigate the legal and regulatory frameworks of different tax-neutral jurisdictions, ensuring compliance and maximizing the benefits of your chosen jurisdiction.


At IRIS GROUP, we recognize the importance of trusts and foundations in preserving and protecting your wealth for future generations. Our experienced trust professionals are dedicated to guiding you through the process, providing tailored solutions, and ensuring the long-term security of your assets.

Contact us today to begin your journey towards effective wealth preservation through overseas trusts and foundations.