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UAE Foundations and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs)

Welcome to IRIS GROUP, your trusted partner for structuring your assets and wealth effectively in the UAE. We specialize in providing expert advice and services for UAE Foundations and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs), offering you enhanced asset protection, robust succession planning, and optimal financial solutions.


UAE Foundations:

Secure Your Wealth and Assets

When it comes to owning assets in the UAE, proper structuring is crucial to ensure effective ownership and seamless transition to future generations. Our UAE Foundations offer an alternative financial planning vehicle, tailored to your specific needs, for wealth management and asset protection.


Key Benefits of UAE Foundations:


Distinct Legal Personality:

Unlike a Trust, a UAE Foundation holds a distinct legal personality, providing a solid legal framework for asset protection and wealth management.


Perpetual Existence:

Enjoy the assurance that your Foundation will continue to exist beyond your lifetime, ensuring a lasting legacy for generations to come.


Enhanced Asset Protection and Preservation:

Safeguard your assets from potential risks and legal challenges through our robust Foundation structures, tailored to protect your wealth and preserve your financial legacy.


Robust Succession Planning:

Ensure a seamless transfer of wealth to your chosen beneficiaries, with a comprehensive succession plan customized to your unique requirements.


Probate-Free Asset Distribution:

By utilizing a Foundation, your assets are separated from personal ownership and are not subject to probate, streamlining the asset distribution process and providing greater efficiency.


SPVs: Efficient Risk Isolation and Asset Management


Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) are passive holding companies designed to isolate financial and legal risks by ring-fencing specific assets and liabilities. Our SPV solutions offer a range of benefits to support your business objectives and financial strategies.


Key Benefits of SPVs:


Based on English Common Law:

Leverage the advantages of a legal framework rooted in English Common Law, providing a familiar and reliable foundation for your SPV structure.


Streamlined Documentation:

Enjoy the convenience of a simplified documentation process, with no attestation requirements, saving you time and effort.


Flexible Share Classes:

Tailor your SPV structure to meet your specific needs with multiple classes of shares, allowing for greater flexibility in ownership and investment arrangements.


No Physical Office Space Requirement:

Eliminate the burden of maintaining a physical office space, as SPVs do not have stringent office location requirements, providing you with operational freedom.


Nationality Ownership Flexibility:

Experience the ease of ownership, as there are no restrictions based on nationality, allowing you to structure your SPV according to your preference.


Partner with IRIS GROUP for Expert Guidance


At IRIS GROUP, we specialize in setting up UAE Foundations and SPVs, ensuring you receive expert advice and tailored solutions. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire process, helping you select the most suitable Foundation jurisdiction or SPV structure for your unique requirements.


Contact us today to explore the benefits of UAE Foundations and SPVs, and secure your assets and wealth for a prosperous future.